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I suffered an extremely similar reaction to NO-Xplode two weeks ago. I had been taking it on and off for 5 years (since college) and never had a problem. That all changed two weeks ago. I went through my regular workout following my regular dosage. I felt strange for several hours after that, until finally, while watching TV with my girlfriend, I just shot up off the sofa with a panic attack. I had no idea why I was paniced, but everything around me seemed like a threat...I was freaked out.

Well, the ER doc was no help...just told me to stay away from the supplement and to get some rest...I had normal BP and slightly high pulse.

After a visit to my general practicioner, he believes that I'm suffering from a chemical imbalance in my brain, induced/triggered by the supplement. He believes it is temporary and should go away with time. He's put me on Ativan to calm the panic attacks when they occur, and we tried a dosage of Lexapro, but this actually made these worse for me. As I type this, I can't sleep because I woke up cold, then had a frightening image flash in my mind (which I won't describe), but it triggered a little anxiety attack.

It sounds like I'm not alone with this issue. Anyone have any luck getting these mental issues resolved quickly??


Ive felt weird pains in the back of hmy head / top of my spine when I used No-xplode because I'm an id**t I kept using it, the feeling went away but Ill never use No-Xplode again, not to mention its a garbage product.


I am really sorry that you both ahve had bad experiences taking No-Xplode. I do tell people up and down on the forums to stay way from supplements because they are often untested and there is no government regulation of them whatsoever and they could hurt you pretty badly. I hope that you've all sworn off it.


I wrestle so supplementation is part of a days work, not all are bad but BSN has a track record for shitty products. It has also become well known that NO products are also garbage, the supplement industry isnt ALL bad.


I guess it's really up to the consumer as to what is a safe product or not though. It would be nice if there were actual regulation of the products so that you didn't have to guess and people didn't have to report on this stuff online and warn each other instead. What supplements do you think would be good to use?


Well I'm not going to get heavy on things like herbal supplements, Vits, Minerals etc etc, I'll stick to weightlifting supplements in this post.

Protein powder.

Either after workouts, also possibly before bed, as an anti-catabolic thing, and maybe half a scoop with Breakfast if you're a bit low Protein.

There's differing types. Soy is one, Casein another, but Whey is most common. Concentrate is a basic kind, approximately 70% Whey, 30% Casein. Isolate is purer at roughly 85% Whey, 15% Casein.

Some come with Carbs in them like Maltodextrin, which is derived from Corn starch, and high GI. Good for increasing muscle Glycogen stores and spiking bloodsugar back up..

You can use some sites though that actually do customised mixes, then you could pick from certain other types of ingredients, like Pea protein, Egg, Palatinose, Glucomannan, Flax seed, Creatine etc etc.

Casein could be had at night for longer muscle protection, and Whey after workouts. Be aware though Casein may occasionally cause a little bloating for some.

You could also use Glutamine, although many protein powders have the content increased anyway, but you could buy Freeform, for taking before bed instead of Protein, for the sleep and immune system benefits.

You could also use BCAA's, (Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine), instead of a protein powder after training, then stack it with Glutamine perhaps.

NO products are not great. You would be better using an Arginine product, but if you can, use a type called Ketaglutarate, as normal Arginine is not that effective. Arginine would influence NO production anyway, but have more benefits.

Providing you don't have a Herpes virus, which could be aggrevated by Arginine, then you would be okay. This would include Simplex type 1, Oral, type 2 Rectal, and Zoster, (Shingles). If you had the virus acting as a "latent agent "in your body, (showing no symptoms, as it usually results from the Chickenpox virus, that stays after symptomology dissipates), then taking Arginine should be okay, but not when a Herpes virus is active.

You could also take Creatine, provided you use it responsibly.

Creatine is taken often for a maximal time of 3 months on, 1 off. Some people go for 2 on 1 off, or some go for 3 weeks on, 1 off. Loading is said by some to improve speed of results, over just going for 5g a day.

Newer ones have less water retention, but are more expensive. I.E. CEE, Kre-alkalyn. You would be advised to use something like Grapejuice, Dextrose, Gatorade, etc etc, as although they won't prevent some conversion to Creatinine, you will get better use of the Creatine, as simple Sugars would assist Creatine, by creating an Insulin spike.

You need to be aware to keep drinking a lot of water on it, and don't drink Alcohol, as they will negaate each other, and possibly increase Creatine side effects, as you don't want to drink something that dehydrates you, when you are on a supplement known for a bit of water retention.

Avoid expensive rubbish like Celltech. In my opinion it's not healthy to have 10g Creatine in one go, for even several 2 month periods a year.

Also be aware unless you're a decent enough size and leanness, results can be poor. I know this from experience. Don't believe any ads of big snarling ripped Steroid users in mags, claiming 50-60lbs of Bench press off Celltech. That might happen for guys with 230lb 8-10% bodyfat compositions, but not for people with a 160lb, 18% fat frame for example.

Be aware you almost certainly would get increased Creatinine levels in the body. Creatinine levels can be tested for by a doctor. In men, average levels are 0.6-1.2 nanograms, (a billionth of a gram), per decilitre of blood and women 0.5-1.1 ng/dl. Toxic levels being 10ng/dl or higher.

If you take Creatine, you could try stacking it with Glutamine, but don't waste your time with all in one products.

They claim to be cheaper as you get things like Protein, Creatine, and Glutamine in them, as opposed to buying all those things seperately, though they also sometimes havee little extras in like ZMA, HMB, (Gamma-hydroxy-beta methyl butyrate), a Protein synthesiser, Chromium etc etc, but often those aren't necessary.

Plus all in ones are inflexible, for the following reasons.

1. Some people like to take 5-10g Glutamine after workouts and before bed. Some do 15g a day with a 5g after workouts, before bed, and with Breakfast. All in ones prevent this, because you could consume too much daily Creatine.

2. You can't split your Creatine doses, like say 2-3g before workouts, 2-3g afterwards, if you like to do that, as all in ones have fixed doses and you're then ingesting potentially too much Protein, in a short space of time.

3. If you train in the evenings and like a Protein shake after workouts, and before bed, you could be consuming Creatine 2x in a 3-5 hour space, (depending on when you finish training), which might not be ideal or good for you.

4. You can't load on Creatine, as you'd be ingesting the Protein as well, and if you used that product say as 4 of your 6 daily meals, you could get inadequate levels of Micronutrients for 5-7 days.

5. When you stop using the all in one product, to allow for the Creatine cycle off period that you choose, you can't then use a Protein powder after workouts, unless you buy one seperately.

You could quite easily buy a large tub of protein powder, with increased levels of Glutamine and BCAA's, then a Creatine seperately, and use them how you see fit, alone or stacked, depending on the time of day.

Or stack Creatine with BCAA's.

Then just don't necessarily bother with other stuff like ZMA, HMB and Chromium.

Chances are if you're buy a large tub of Protein powder, and a large tub of Creatine, you'd probably be paying an equivalent price gram for gram, in comparison to the all in one products, but getting more flexibility on how you use them.

As for some of the ones to avoid, here's the ones I believe aren't worth it.

HMB, unless you're stacking it with a Protein powder, or you're quite well built, just looking for a little extra natural edge. On it's own it's pretty meagre, results wise.

NO as explained earlier.

Beta-ecdysterone, termed a natural plant based steroid, supposedly having similar anabolic results, but none of the side effects of Steroids, but the only solid peer reviewed evidence of it's efficacy, that I have seen, comes from Russia, in studies on Powerlifters and BB type people.

Unless there's any similar evidence any time soon, from places like North America, Australia, Britain etc etc, don't bother.

Pro-hormones, because although they are legal, and have less side effects that A.A.S, unless you train hard, you'll get little to no gains, and unless you eat about 4,000 calories plus, you'll lose the lot. Even guys on illegal A.A.S can lose 25-50% of their gains, when cycling off.

Plus some like DHEA, are said to be pretty poor anyway, and are normally prescribed to men over 50, with low testosterone, to protect their muscle reserves.

Tsosterone being healthy in men between 350 ng/dl and 1,00ng/dl, maybe upto 1,200. Less than 350 ng/dl increase heart attack risk.

Finally, avoid expensive supplements, claiming to get you big, ripped pumped etc etc, with proprietary blends etc etc. They are just a waste of money and a bit of a scam in some respects.

Especially if you get to your natural peak, and then all you're paying or is a post-workout "feeling".

The argument against this is to use Arnie S as a benchmark.

When he was starting out, if supplements did exist, certainly by the 70's, there were Protein powders supposedly tasting like mud, and he didn't use them.

He trained hard and ate solid food and plenty of it, in his early natural days, and I would argue 99.99% certainty, he was not for example a 170lb man, when he started using the A.A.S. I believe he was using that stuff like most big guys who plan to now, when he hit the 200lb+ mark.

Therefore, that proves supplements are not necessary to gain from and certainly not ones that cost 50% more than basic ones. If you took those costly ones, that claim to do all sorts of stuff, after about 18-24 months of lifting, compared to people of equivalent size and build, using normal things like Protein powders, you might be on them for as much as 40+ years, and spend potentially another £10,000, $10,000 + more money, just because you wanted to be 200lbs, potentially 6 months sooner.

Not a good thing, when you retire and your life savings are a bit crappy, and the nice sunkissed holidays you wanted to go on, become camping trips in a field o.O .

Hoperfully that answers your query.


Wow! That does answer my question plus some plus some questions that other people have, I'm sure. I think I might want to consider taking creatine because i hear that there's been good reactions from people who take that, and that it can be quite effective. Do you think the drops work better or the pills?


When taking creatin take this pills! Powders cause liver problems basically the same as a long term alcoholic

(I'm sure ill spell some words wrong its 1:43am can't sleep)
bare with me.
Creatine in drop form actually changes the structure of the creatin into something call creaklyne?! Something different basically which makes the creatin ineffective.

Plasmavol I have tried probably about a 2yrs ago I did gain more mass while using it religiously but I was also eating better now its a vasodialater so the xtra food intake and a high blood volume helped but when I stopped I did lose weight. I gained 15lbs in 4months which is good for a hard gainer like me. I lost 15-20lbs almost the same amount of time. With 14% body fat consistantly it obvious I lost "water weight" which means my mass gained wasn't true muscle mass.

Point of my story is while a lot of supplements r made to raise products made by our bodies already and fast results do look and feel freakin SAWEET stick to protien/ carb and high calorie diets, regular, tough workouts. Look into resistance training pay close attention to the govenator (Arnold schwarzenegger) most of his hype is the fact he was 6'2 155lbs I'm 6'0 155lbs with 6yrs of training starting weight 143lbs max weight hit 162lbs. I know my issue is my eating habbits and being reg with my protien intake. My dads 6'2 198lbs so there's hope for me too! Lol while body builders use all the sups and r huge beast able to lift a car ur forgetting they have 24/7 trainers, nutritionist, and have nothing better to do then to hit the gym morning and nite, who knows they probably don't even use the product they promot!

Conclusion! Find a routine u can stick to for 3weeks then shock ur muscles with a different (still effetive routine for u) if u read mags like "flex", "reps" etc u see that every feature builder have their own routines find out what works for u. Shocking ur muscles pushs ur muscles to adapt and eventually grow.

Nothing worth having is easy......


it seems that this is not about the no xplode supplement you must be something else considering that you have taken it before and nothing happened.


NO Xplode. As a physician I should have known better than to take this stuff - but I wanted to do everything possible to try and better my physical health. I took NO Xplode for one week straight. Exactly one week in to it I became febrile and felt aches and pains throughout my body. I figured I was getting the Flu. Several days in to this I developed unrelenting upper and lower back pains and then the Headache came -- very severe and persisted no matter what I tried. Eventually I agreed to let my wife take me to the Emergency Room where the pain simply escalated. Embarrassing as it was because I went to the closest ER which was the same hospital I worked. After multiple doses of Morphine and several lumbar punctures (spinal taps) I was admitted with a differential diagnosis of possible Bacterial meningitis vs. Viral meningitis. Thank God - it turned out to be Viral Meningitis - because Bacterial is usually the fatal one. Bad news is - once you have the first episode of Viral Meningitis you tend to have periodic recurrences....and since my first Viral Meningitis attack 6 months ago - I have had 2 more attacks spaced out about every 2-3 months. Turns out that the L-Arginine effects of the NO Xplode actually can "turn on" viruses that you may have been exposed to earlier in your life - suddenly waking them up to cause havoc in your system. I wish I never took the ANY Xplode. Has anyone else had a similar diagnosed case of Viral Meningitis or suffered severe head and back and neck pain after using NO Xplode for any length of time



Hey man the same thing has happened to me, it started with me about 6 months ago I've had to go to the er once, I been in heavy combat oversees and I've never felt like no explode makes me feel, just an awful feeling so I'm with ya


I've been using it on & off for 3 years with no side effects but I can imagine it may have a bad reaction with a small percentage of people. Anyhoo, i've just bought a new tub & the recipe has totally changed. It no longer gives the same boost or feeling you get when you start using the stuff again so it looks like they have taken out something major!

Its only day 2 but i'll report on how this week goes with the new version 



Try Kava Kava. Ask your doc first but I don't think it would be contra-indicated. Its herbal and despite whatever anybody else tells you it definitely helped me to disconnect the mental surge of panic from reacting on the nerve in my chest.  Gave me a nano-second of clarity just between the panic trigger thought and the physical experience of it, putting me momentarily in control, enough so as to psychologically counter-steer and pull myself back towards myself. (i.e. No you're not having a heart attack you're just experiencing an excess of stress hormone manifesting as a sharp almost spasm like feeling across your chest. )

Didn't require additional dosages, probably why you don't see it often and apparently viewed with skepticism. Ultimately mind over body but sometimes chemical over mind sneaks one passed body, do it / don't do it , your choice....literally



I'm 43 and I used to take NO-Xplode.  I've been working out pretty much all of my life.  I took NO-Xplode for 3 years and had no side effects.  However, one day while I was driving on the highway I got this sudden heart palpitation that was pretty intense.  I thought I was having an early sign of a heart-attack so I rushed myself to the ER.  My normal heart rate is around 58-60BPM, but while in the ER they clocked my heart rate at 182BPM.  I noticed that everytime I used No-Xplode in the past I would get this tingling sensation followed by a rush.  I also noticed that I was gradually upping the dosage of scoops to get the same a rush that I needed to get a good workout. It turned out that I was over-dosing on the NO-Xplode and my body was trying to tell me that it was time to get off the stuff. I have been off it for a year now and although it was hard working out with the rush from N.O., I'm glad I gave it up. 

I drink water with lemon in the morning to help cleanse my body before I work out.  It's not the best tasting but keeps me feeling great.