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I used to play football when i was in high school i was lean and muscular, i have been out of high school for a year and im overwieght, im 6 foot and weight 290 pounds which is 85 pounds more than when i played football, im finding it hard to motivate myself, is it because of the the added responsibility of having rent to pay and other bills, idk but i want to be lean again, Hellp PLEASE


I motivate you to exercise because a physical exercise is a bodily activity that develops and maintains physical fitness and overall health.


hey some times ur crush gives u motivation,
put the pic of ur girl friend or the girl u want to propose on the wall in ur bed room and beside it write the statement "u want to reduce and weight and do exercise" on it.

Every time u see it u get inspiration.
Reply if u like it.


. the key to motivating self is to look beyond self;
it's no coincidence that one of the pillars of longevity
is having 5 or more close relationships,
including an active community life .
. if you are short on relationships, and you really want motivation,
you'll need to pay a fitness club to give you some personal coaching .

if you don't have money or the stomach for a coach,
try audio books about dr.sears zone diet,
and dr.atkins zero-carbs-for-starters diet :
they taught me everything I'm about to summarize here .

. coaches and friends can have some good ideas about diets,
but I was amazed after listening to
audio tapes on the zone diet and atkins diets
how misunderstood these authors are
by the very people who said they were following their diets .
. I was working a labor job at the time,
and benefited from our library`s collection of audio books
on cassette tapes (that was back in 90's;
your library might have cd's now) .

. if your obesity is from a job that is stressful,
then use your next vacation to quit all substances that cause
insulin resistance:
caffeine, alcohol, smokes, hydrogenated fats, saturated fats,
and keep in mind that another source of insulin resistance
can come from fungal infections, gum inflammation,
and other immune system hyperactivity .

. withdrawals are the hardest part of sears/atkins diet,
and you shouldn't expect any useful work out of yourself
during this transition .

. remember that most of these energizing and de-stressing
foods and drugs (caf, alc, smokes, diet supp's)
are powerful hormone modulators,
so apply dr.sear`s advice when withdrawing from them:
start low, and go slow
ie, make the changes in tiny increments
and don't make changes too often .

. for example, dhea is a hormone that is spurred by both
smoking and weightlifting,
so quitting smokes might be a good motivator for exercising,
if you care about safe levels of this vital antidepressant hormone !

. to relax from withdrawals, use picamilon, aspirin,
and plenty of mono'fats:
some common monounsaturates are olive oil, almonds, avacadoes,
and pasta sauce -- sauce in the jar should have generous amounts of olive oil,
and still have high vitamin c:
proving that the cooking process did not destroy the c .
. when using a lot of fats, even monounsaturates,
use only low-glycemic carb's and otherwise have a low need for insulin
(eg, the best carb's are greens and legumes;
the worst carb's are
hfcs (high-fructose corn syrup),
grain flour, sugars,
milled grains;
even whole grains need lots of insulin,
and should not be used on a high mono'fat diet .
if you're eating animal protein,
you'll still want legumes (beans, lentils, fermented soy, boiled peanuts)
for that type of soluble fiber:
you're gut bacteria use legume fiber to provide you with
a steady supply of some vitamins and a dash of alcohol .
. see for hazards of non-fermented soy .

. getting a lot of protein is a great way to
stimulate your brain with excitotoxic amounts of amino acids,
but remember protein has some major hazards:

. cooked meat without b-vit's is a quick route to
vascular disease (strokes, heart attacks)
-- see
meat is high in the insulin resistor "branched-chained amino's"
therefore, use no carb's within 8 hrs of a big meat dinner .
discontinuing a high protein diet is changing your hormones:
causing large gains in obesity even on a healthy diet .
. I believe the reason for this has to do with
why the zone diet recommends adequate protein:

. protein stimulates the hormone glucagon
that encourages your liver to drip-feed satisfying levels of
glucose into the blood between meals .
. a huge reduction in protein will supress glucagon,
in which case you could suffer low blood sugar,
and your body will react to that
by increasing cortisol
which is an insulin resistor that reduces muscle`s access to blood sugar
thereby insuring that the brain will no longer suffer from low sugar .
. it is the presence of such insulin resistors as cortisol
in combination with the use of carb's
that causes the rapid return of obesity .

. dr.atkins doesn't even depend on high protein,
he says the dieter`s best friend is macadamia nuts
or philadelphia cream cheese;
but this is in the presence of no carb's,
not even greens or legumes .

. most importantly,
you have to get off the hormone modulators:
any use of caffeine, smokes, and alcohol
can sabotage the atkins diet,
because they either cause insulin resistance directly
(alcohol is turned to a poison acetylaldehyde by the liver)
or cause the insulin resistance by
dhea being too high and too low (smokes)
or by increasing cortisol (caffeine, diet pills, adhd drugs) .
. cortisol supresses not only insulin function,
but also immune function and dhea levels .
. dhea is an insulin sensitiser,
but if the reason for low dhea is high cortisol
then using dhea supplementation will only worsen insulin resistance .

again, if you don't have a coach,
try audio books about dr.sears zone diet,
and dr.atkins zero-carbs-for-starters diet :

Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution CD [ABRIDGED] (Audio CD)

The Zone: A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently :
Reset Your Genetic Code : Prevent Disease : Achieve Maximum Physical Performance (Audio Cassette)

Zone Audio Collection, The [ABRIDGED] (Audio Cassette)
Enter the Zone & Mastering The Zone
and more recently:
2004 Omega Rx Zone: The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil
2005 The Anti-Inflammation Zone: Reversing the Silent Epidemic That's Destroying Our Health by Barry Sears
2008 Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad by Barry Sears


I find, that I am my best motivator. It's almost having to get to so tired of being over weight to get that motivation back. Go to a book store and read any magazine on exercise, or body building. I love to watch the Biggest Loser on NBC tues @ 8pm, great workout ideas. If you can go to a gym where you are in that enviroment of people in the same boat.
Find a workout buddy that also helps to keep accountability for working out. Even if you start walking every evening 15-20 minutes a day. Make a exercise routine at a certin time of day that works best for you to keep it.
Being consistant it will help you build better habits each time, and your confidence will grow, untill you get to the point of looking forward to it everyday.

I have been where your at and you have to take the first step and "JUST DO IT" as nike would say. A good workout routine includes cardio and strength training. Cardio 3-4 days a week to lose the weight and at least 40 min. Strength traing evry other day alternating your muscle groups.
by alternating your cardio and weight training it will help your muscles to grow which will also help you burn more calories 24/7. Always follow up a weight training w/ a meal protein, eggs, lean meats. It feeds the muscle. Drink lots of water it will help you cleanse and keep you full.

Good Luck!
& God Bless!


Exercise is the one thing in my life that I had control over! Once I started, within a month I started to feel wonderful in my mind and my body. I did not worry about a particular diet of exercise program but i tried different ones till i found what I liked and I devote 1 hour a day to it. This happens no matter is like the most important appointment i have for the day. Good luck my friend! :-P


Post your best picture when you were still lean and muscular. I'm sure you'll always be reminded to be more active again every time you see your previous self.:-) Also, don't eat the same amount of food if you aren't that active now.


I came here looking 4 some place 2 get motivation from... When I just realized I already had what I was Looking 4... My woman ( mainly one part of her ). Sex... This is what I mean...Me just like any other man has had sex with there partner and sometimes feel like it becomes a job, dull and boring but a good feeling of just letting it all out. Well now it don't feel dull and boring and less like a job since I've been working out these last two months. I already lost about 20Lbs. My sex drive is up (tearing it up, just beating the P#$$Y up), it feels great. Thats my motivation and it makes me want 2 keep going because it can only get better. It will make your girlfiend or wife feel better 2, she'll go twice b4 u go once, and youll keep going until u get tired, if you excersice u wont get tired...atleast for a long while.