My father has been going to the doctor regularly and his PSA level has been rising. Right now, his PSA level is 11.15 and his Free PSA is 15%. The doctor advises him to get a biopsy, but he is really reluctant to do so. He is afraid that if he does have cancer, all that probing around when they do the biopsy will make the cancer spread quicker. Is that a possibility? Plus, he has a friend who is a homeopathic doctor who advises him not to do the biopsy as he feels that with a correct diet and massaging the prostate 3 times a week will make his PSA level lower. Is that true? How safe is the prostate massage? Please advise your thoughts as his biopsy is scheduled 2 weeks from now, but my father has made it quite clear he will not go through with it. My family is not sure what the next step should be. If you could shine some light on this matter, I would really appreciate it.