Hello: my name is Dennis. I am 54 years old and was diagnosed by biopsy with prostitis about a year ago. Antibiotics worked but my PSA is going up again and I feel some the symptoms, mostly lower back and stomach pain. I am waitng for the chills and sweats. I expect my urologist will repeat treatment. I have a comment and then some questions. I lost my brother in June, 2004 of prostate cancer. I believe my brother is dead because of the use of the Watchful Waiting method, WW. My brother was only 56 when his 4th or 5th biopsy finally tested positive for CA. He was watched and treated over a period of 4 years with a PSA level going wild, the use of lupron etc. He was dead within a year of a positve biopsy at age 59. The doctors where surprised it spread after surgery with no impotency and very little incontinence. The things he feared most. They were confident it would be localized.
I made up my mind there will be no WW for me If I test positive for prostate cancer. WW is for elderly men with a life expectancy of 10 years or less and with comorbidity. My brother did not fit that category nor do I. I can't get him getting that direction through my head at his age! He was misdirected. It's robotic surgery for me if I get Prostate CA. If you are in your early, middle or late 50's and get prostate cancer, other wise healthy and active beware of the words WW. I believe this is the wrong headed approach in young men. It's time for the field to re-evalaute this approach.
My questions: Will prostitis complicate the detection of prostate cancer? Does prostitis increase the risk of prostate cancer in me even further? Does antibiotics lower PSA levels when CA is present? Should my doctor be able to tell me the type of prostitis I have by my biopsy. Should I consdier saturation biopsy to make sure there is no cancer? I am happy the biopsy was not positive for CA but the prostitis has raised these other concners. Sincerely, Dennis.