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I am 56.  In June this year I had a regular blood test, my PSA has gone up to 5, it has been 2.5 in the past.
I had no urinary problems and my doctor told me my prostate was a normal size however there was a trace of blood in my urine I was referred to Urologist.
Urologist suggested an aggressive examination, I undergone Prostate Biopsy, cystoscopy ultrasound and MRI scans, results come back negative and I was given all clear. Three months letter PSA was back to  2.5  however since than I am having problems passing urine, like needing to wait before passing urine, poor stream, incomplete voiding and frequency  no pain, fewer etc..
Urologist without any further tests or any examination prescribed alpha blockers – Tamsulosin and was told that I probably need to take them rest of my life.
I had independent urine test done, that was negative. I have not taken any medication yet. I like to know what has gone wrong and what is wrong with me..
Has any body developed any problems after a biopsy etc.. ?


Yes...just had biopsy in March. hCG diet pushed psa to 5.0 doc recommended biopsy. March 2013 had i severe burning sensation on ejaculation and urinating. Strain to void. Weaker stream. Cipro not working. All docs want to use all those outdated treatments to figure it out. HCG estrogen swole my prostate. (Estrogen) just ordered clomid to block estrogen. Gonna tryphytoplankton 

soursop juice to protect from cancer....meanwhile trying to get into a experimental Prostate treatment plan that is extremely simple and no serious side effects! Too simple for doctors. Stopping the blood flow to the prostate! Plug the artery leading to it! more pressure on uretha neck!   Now the burning...prob a UTI.  Lets use logic.  Most severe uretha UTI are caused by ecoli bacteria. So smart doctors, inject a needle 12 times Through your anal, rectom wall. INTO the prostate! Why would you introduce ecoli INTO the prostate! Never again! Im worse now that before the biopsy!  :(