okay so i've been on birth control for over a year now. i am anemic and my iron is really low and my doctor's can't figure out why, i've had a colonoscopy and upper GI which both came out fine. my blood specialist, family doctor, and cardiologist all think that the problem is my period. i had very heavy periods for about 3 years and they think that's why my iron is so low because i was a free bleeder. but anyway, i've switched pills about 4 or 5 times. i'm on the same brand i was before i started the new pack(which i started last month) but the kind i'm on now is the kind where i will have a period every 3 months.i was at my boyfriend's (now ex-boyfriend's) house and we ended up having (protected) sex for the first time (i was a virgin). when i came home that night i saw that there was a little blood, i dismissed it knowing that that is usually normal for a virgin, and it stopped. well i was due to start soon but ended up being a week late, as you imagine i was a little freaked. the next week i started passing the old/brown blood and did that for 2 weeks. last week was spring break and i was still spotting. i stopped last saturday night but started again monday morning (april 11) and i'm still going but i'm experiencing the old blood mixed with red blood. it's been about 3 weeks now and i am so tired of it. is it just my body trying to get used to the new birth control (i just started the 2nd pack the 10th) or what? i've heard of people experiencing spotting/bleeding for about a month on the pill before but i just do not know and i do not go to my family doctor to talk to her until next month.