I am a girl and i am 14. For about a seven months, i have been having odd problems that are concerning me greatly. First, whenever i was going about my day, I would black out for no reason no matter if i was just sitting still *( my vision would fade out starting from the corner of my eyes until my vision was pitch black, and i would be extremely light-headed...this would occur at random times for about 5-15 seconds.) Then, about four months ago, I started having pain whenever i eat. about 5 minutes after i took my first bite of a meal, my shoulder blades, spine, and neck joints would ache to the point where i had to go to sleep to avoid dealing with the pain which would last up to two hours after meals. both symptoms still occur and are exceedingly difficult ot deal with. just recently, a new problem has arisen, whenever i eat either one of two things happens, I either have collar-bone pain along with my original joint and bone pain, or also along with other pain, my neck and chest would feel as if someone was sitting on me...it doesnt hurt, but it bothered me. Also, last february, i had an ekg done and it showed that i had prolonged-QT ( my heartbeats were further apart) but after a second ekg a few weeks later, i didnt have prolonged-QT .. the docs never determined why it had changed.

* i am not sure if all of these problems are connected or even relevant, but all of them still occur on a regular basis...please help!*