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Years ago as a result of an accident, I was diagnosed with bone spurs and degenerative bone disease in my neck. The doctor advised as I aged, the pain would probably increase.

For the past week or so, the neck pain has increased and is pretty intense and is now causing pain in my shoulders and collar bone. Tylenol and Advil do not work.

I am a paralegal and sit at desk typing for 10 hours a day.

Can degenerative bone in the neck cause all these problems? Help.

Someone told me it could be heart attack?


My bone spurs reappeared after surgery 5 years ago. Most of my right arm is now numb, after mind numbing pain. Trying prednisone, but it only seemed to help the first 2 weeks. I don't know if surgery is the answer or if the laser can actually do the same thing to relieve pain, but it may be worth a look see. Computer work, with the head looking down, seems to be a common denominator for some of us. I think mine was mainly lifting heavy things and working dogs. Best of luck, and please check out all your options. I am this time.