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Ihave been experiencing bleeding from the rectum during my menstrual cycle it has been going on for several months. At first I wasn't worried but it is perisisting and gettin g a bit worse. What could this be?


Hi there! It would be best if you saw a gynecologist, preferably when you have your period. There is a condition which is called endometriosis. In this condition, cells of the uterine lining that form from ovulation to the beginning of the period don’t only grow in the uterus but on other organs as well. The other organs could be ovaries, bladder and even bowels. When the period arrives, these lining would like to get out as well, just like the uterine lining shows up as our menstrual bleeding but most of the time, it has no place to go.

Bleeding from rectum could mean that you have endometriosis forming on your bowels and should be checked. This condition is not cancerous but it could cause a lot of side effects and annoying symptoms. Make sure you make an appointment with you gyn.