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Hi, I am 28 years old and I am a virgin but me and my boyfriend sometimes have sex without a intercourse or penetration. I had my last period on jan 9 and I still have it till now but it is not the typical bleeding i have when i have my period. the blood is light and i dont feel any pain. I donno what to do and I am scared of going to a doctor because ive never been to a gynecologist before

Please please help me



Now it is high time you went to a gynecologist office because there could be many reasons for such prolonged bleeding.

What do you mean by sex without any penetrations or intercourse? Just cuddling or what? Are you using birth control pills? Birth control pills can cause all sorts of negative side effects?

Have you been inserting anything into your vagina like vibrators? I am interested only to learn if there was any irritation inside your vagina and vaginal walls.

If you have developed any of the vaginal or uterine growths, a slight pressure or irritation could cause them to bleed. Most of these growths are benign but there is one called cervical dysplasia that could indicate a precancerous state.

Other growths are benign and could be treated and removed. You could have developed endometriosis, which happens when the lining of the uterus doesn’t grow inside of the uterus but on another organ. Do you have any pain during your periods?

Now, don’t get all scared now. It could be none of these problems. The thing is that you need a gynecological evaluation. Every girl/woman needs gynecology exams at least once a year no matter whether she’s a virgin or not.
Find a gynecologist and have that over with. It will be much easier for you.


Thank you for your reply,

I mean by no penetration that I am still a virgin and from where I come from it s very important to stay a virgin till u get married. I am not using any birth control pills or anything else. I do not insert anything in my vagina and during my period i have the normal pain. I usually take a pain killer when i get my period. I still have the bleeding and I got my new period today. This time it hurt a bit and i also vomit but once i vomited the pain went away.

There is also something that i thought could be the reason which is the fact that i now away from my country I am in Canada studying for my masters and I have been under a lot of stress lately and the fact that I am away from my family and friends


Considering you’re a student and I am sure you can use that privilege and visit one of the University clinics. Students always have some privileges and there should be a student clinic somewhere around. Ask questions about it.

This may be your chance to have it checked without having to worry that someone from your country will find about any of your problems. This is another reason you will be more relaxed and not under so much pressure. Gynecologist examinations don’t hurt.

You are right, stress can contribute to abnormal vaginal bleeding but I think this abnormal bleeding is associated with prolonged and heavier periods. You may want to try to relax by sighing up for a yoga class or aerobic if you can’t handle it yourself.

Anyway, I still think you should see a gynecologist because this is the only way to find out if something’s wrong or not.