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Evertime I used the boathroom there laways blood come out of my butt. I am scare to go to the dotor because my tell me that I have cancer. Tha run in my family :'(


It is not necessarily cancer. Bleeding from rectum could occur from internal hemorrhoids for example. There are different procedures that could help you get rid of the hemorrhoids.

Other possible reasons include any bleeding within abdominal area and the sooner you have it checked the better. Being afraid and not doing anything about it will only make things worse. Some of the causes, besides hemorrhoids, include anal fistulas, colon polyps (not cancerous), diverticulosis (pouches on the bowels), colitis (inflammation of the colon lining), etc

Even if it is cancer, early diagnosis is half a cure. Cancer is treatable today and the sooner a person finds out they have it, the bigger chances of recovery.
Show your guts and see a doctor.