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more than ever the bleeding dont hurt but each morning blood in the stool. what could I do besides quit eating spicey foods, is this serious or is it very common to bleed in the stool I am 54
spicey foods tear me up and now looks like three days in a row the rectum bleeds is there any hope with using two surpositories opposed to just one


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Hi there! How long have you been using suppositories? Do you suffer from constipation only or you have developed hemorrhoids as well?

You didn’t say if you had already visited a doctor. Rectal bleeding is not common and it is not normal and there could be some serious cause lying behind the rectal bleeding, so I would see a doc if I were you.

Hemmorhoids often cause bleeding. Internal hemorrhoids usually don’t cause any pain while the outer do and may be felt like small bumps when wiping. Hemorrhoids go along chronic constipation. Have you stopped eating spice foods yet?
Other possible reasons that develop around rectum and anus are fistula and fissures. Fistula is an abnormal channel that spreads from rectum to the anus and may drain white discharge or blood. It is usually connected to Crohn's disease. A fissure is a tore lining of the anus. The lining cracks and nerve endings and blood vessels may expose themselves and cause pain and bleeding.

Pockets can be made in the bowels and they are called diverticula. They appear after many years high pressure spasm of the colon. However, diverticula bleeding comes at once with a lot of bleeding and not occasionally in smaller amounts with bowel movements.
Bleeding from anus can occur if rectum, colon, or both rectum and colon become inflamed and ulcerated. Large colon polyps, which are benign growths, do cause bleeding. Colon cancer can cause bleeding.

So, if you haven’t found the reason of your bleeding I would suggest you do, so you can treat it.