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Here's my birth control history in a nutshell...

Started on OrthoTricyclen 4 years ago when I was 18. Did well with it, no problems. Took it for about 2 1/2 years.

My Obgyn wanted me to try Ortho Lo when it came out. The whole year I was on it I would always bleed during sex if the sex took place the week before my period. I finally told my Obgyn about it and he switched me back to Trinessa (generic of OrthoTricyclen).

In April of this year I asked him to switch me because I was becoming really depressed and crying easily and thought it could be due to the pill. He put me on Yasmin. I took it for the months of May and June. In June my "problem" came back and I bled during sex a week before my period.

I didn't want to deal with that bleeding again so I started taking Trinessa again in July. Had sex July 4th, everything was fine. Period came July 19-24 like it should've. I had sex the 29th, no problems. Two days later I spotted a little bit for a day or so (figured it was breakthrough bleeding since it's only my 2nd month of being on Trinessa again). Then I had sex Thursday night and I bled a little during it. Went to the bathroom and wiped, the bleeding then stopped.

I went to my doctor Friday. He seems to still think it is hormone related. He told me to take one more month of Trinessa and see what happens. He said he may switch me to Ovcon.

I'm really just terrified it is something like cervical cancer! However, my last pap smear was in October and was normal as always. Please help me understand why this is happening to me.


Hi... Im 25 i used to fingring .. But later i found infectin inside vigina and it is very panic .. Would you please sugest me any cure.. I cannt tel this to any one its embarasing.. Now im feeling guilty too for the fear that i am no more virgin . Please help.