Hey guys My boyfriend (20) and I have been together for almost two years now. He’s my first real kiss and all other sexual things I’ve also first done with him. We’ve had sex but it was always very difficult for me to get wet. I changed pills and that helped but we could only have decent sex sometimes cuz I’d be too dry otherwise. But around the end of October we broke up because of cultural reasons, so between us everything was actually fine. I mean I still loved him as much as ever. When we broke up ghe only friend I had besides me was a guy who I’ve had mutual feelings for before I even knew my current bf. But those feelings are long gone, I was truly happy with my bf. He had broken up with his girl too. So we started hanging out and talking about those couple of times when he had touched my thighs n that one time we almost kissed a couple years ago. So sh*t started to get sexual and I was surprised as to how quickly he got me turned on and how wet I became. That really shook me up because I know my bf always tried his best but this guy did the same things and it turned me on much more. I’ve talked about all of this with my boyfriend (obviously we’re back together) and he cant wrap his head around why i get wet easily with that guy but not with him. I dont get it either tbh but i think it is because when im with my boyfriend, i dont want to have any flaws so im always thinking “how do I look?”; “my body is not pretty” etc, its just all those insecurities because I care about what he thinks of me.But that other guy, I have absolutely no feelungs for him at all and I couldnt care less what he thinks of me, i just went along with it. This is the only explanation i could come up with. So please someone help me understand why that guy can get me wet probably 10 out of 10 times and my boyfriend rarely can or has to put in much more effort. He definitely isnt doing anything wrong cuz he knows what I like and he takes the time too to communicate about our sex life. I really love him and I dont want him to think that he’s less than that guy.THANK YOU in advance