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Before getting frustrated with your man and his actions (or lets better say non-actions), make sure you think his way first. Women and men do think differently and what may be important for you ladies may not even cross your man’s mind.

Is he not interested in talking about an important problem (from your point of view)? Does he feel like talking about an important issue at the same time you do? Will he clean the house on his own? Is he not talking about his feelings? Does he ever apologize?

Probably NOT.It is not because he doesn’t love or care about you, it’s simply because these things don’t matter to him or because he does it differently.

If you learn some simple ways about the way men think and apply your knowledge in your relationship, your life together will be much easier!

While women like to think about their problems out loud and discuss every little aspect of an issue as well as all possible options, men, on the other hand, like to think through about the problem on their own, think of a concrete solution or an answer and then approach to you in their own time. You should give them some space and let them do it their own way.

If your man doesn’t talk about his feelings, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. He just may not know how to share. While women pronounce 25000 words a day, men pronounce only 12000. A link between the center of emotions and speech center are 40% less developed in men than in women. This is why men don’t have this need to express their every thought. Instead, they only talk about what they think matters.

No matter how much women need for their men to apologize to them, their men somehow always find it hard to do so. Psychologists say this is because of high load of testosterone and the role men have in society. They need to stand as strong figures and not apologizing whiners. Don’t think they are not aware of their mistakes; they certainly are but will not say it. They will show it by the body language and act more insecure than usual.  

How come he never realizes that your home needs immediate vacuuming or cleaning? It’s because he doesn’t notice things around the house to clean. It doesn’t mean he is not willing to help – it’s just that he doesn’t think the house is dirty. All you have to do is ask for some help around.

It has been scientifically proven that men can concentrate at only one thing at the time. This is why you should not interrupt him while he’s doing something and demand his attention. This will only make him angry and possibly rude. While you can cook, clean the dishes and talk on the phone at the same time, he may not be able to communicate until he’s done doing his stuff.

Is he not making an eye contact when you are talking to himbut instead walking and looking around the place? Don’t get nervous about it and think he’s not interested in your words. It’s just that men get nervous when you are looking them straight in the eyes and prefer to walk around or just sit next to you without making an eye contact.

Be patient and listen to him when he’s talking to you although this may be taking longer than it should. Men have a problem with expressing their thoughts, so they may need twice as much time to finish what he had started. You should not interrupt – you should just listen to him. This will make him happier and make you worth your while.

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I’m sure that you had picked up a fight with your man over at least one of these issues. Think again next time and enjoy a cozy evening instead of spending the night angry and alone.