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I hope someone will have an answer or experience to share to ease my terrified mind. I had brain surgery Dec. 2008. Before this I was sick for 7 years. During that time I graduated with a Bachelors and 3/4 of my Masters Degree. However, I only could handle the suffering, by taking Norco for the last 3 years before the surgery. My average daily pill intake was 3 Norco's per day for 3 years. After the surgery I was prescribed 15 Norco's per day and 3 1mg Dilaudid pills per day. This lasted for 2 months. I am now down to 5-7 Norco's per day and 0 Dilaudid pills, but I cannot get lower than the 5 Norco pills per day and function. I cannot afford to take a month off of work to enter a 30 day rehab, and I'm certainly not going to waste all of the hard work of school, by having to quit school. I will NOT take methadone. I've seen very few people get off of this. I'm not educated enough in Suboxone, to have an opinion about it. Would getting on Suboxone be worth it or would I just be getting myself addicted to something else that is a b***h to get off of? Thank you for your time. I am terrified!


Scared and Alone


I know that a lot of people post horror stories about getting off suboxone but without it it can make things even harder for you to quit. I think that taking suboxone would be a good idea just to help you get off the norcos and help you step down from the drug gradually. Please keep us posted on whatever you decide to do, okay?