I have a very bad norco habit and am on day 3.. and sick as sh*t..this is my second time quitting 10 months ago I quit cold turkey and was clean for 81 days..then I relapsed.I'm a young mother of four and developed a norco addition about 3 years ago after getting them prescribed for back pain following surgery. I've felt the change coming when i relapsed last time I just figured I'll have someone hold them for me so this time I won't have the chance to abuse them..WRONG.. the first couple months were ok just happy to have them back i guess..but them something would happen and i'd "need" more so i turned to the streets to purchase them..sometimes looking and calling for hours a day..making excuses allways lying..once again i was in to deep and realized I AM a full fledged norco addict.. this time around I quit cold turkey again.I think it's great that people are able to ween there selves off for me however 1 is 1 to many and 1000 is never enough...and the only way I can do this is to have no contact with them what so ever..so instead, i'm going to stay in my house and try to stay as positive as I can and KNOW that with the support and love of my family and getting closer to the Lord..I WILL GET THRU THIS!! I am wondering if anybody has tookin a natural cleanse to try and did it help?? allso was wondering if anybody else took adivan for the withdrawls and was it any help?