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Back in Sept2006 my wife broke her ankle, the bone refuses to mend.
Doctors blame this on two things. She was a smoker,and she was heavy.
she has now had 5 surgeries with same results. She currently has a broken Hip,and doctor wants to do a hip replacement. Could almost 8 weeks of IV therapy from this infection be the cause(Maxapine),250mlX3/day? Please help before someone cripples my poor wife.
could someone please tell me what to do?


Dear Guest: Anitbiotics will not be the cause of your poor wifes bone issues. It IS true however that smokers and obese patients heal slower.

What I am thinking here is something else, she has had a broken ankle and now a hip, my thoughts are osteo arthritis or perosis. This can be exaggerated by weight and smoking plus the most common - low calcium.

There is no way she will be able to avoid surgery with her hip being broken. A hip replacement surgery will be just that, where there is now bone there will be either high strengh plastic or metal. The only issue is the grafting with her regular bone. It can take up to a year to fully recover from hip replacement surgery. Due to her past, if she can quite smoking and loose as much weight as possible before the surger and after, this will DEFINITELY help her with her recovery. Most surgeons are very weary of operating on the obese and smokers. I know it's not fair, but they want their outcomes to be a success right? They don't want their patients not recovering and getting infections etc. Here in Canada, you will even find surgeons that WONT even operate if you have a high BMI!

I know she will be in pain right now, but she HAS to start on her road of recovery before the operation. Get her on the patch, and have her starting eating healthy. There is physio after and this can be very painful, and even more so when you are overweight. Just puts more pressure on the healing bone. Have her increase her calcium intake, and have her doctor check her bone density. Because if it is what I think, she will have to be VERY careful with her bones in the future. Sitting out in the sun for awhile is also great for absorbing Vitamin D - this is why doctors believe that there is a huge increase in Osteo related ilness's - because we are all avoiding the sun, because of skin cancer!!! You can't win can you?! ;-) 8-|

She probably feels picked on at this moment, but I am sure no one has to tell her that she needs to loose weight or quit smoking. It is so easy for someone that is thin and a non smoker to say those things isn't it? So continue being supportive of her, and try with all your might to get her on a patch and to start eating healthy. I wish her and yourself all the luck and health! And here's to a better, healthier future.!


Bambi has posted a lot of good information. I know that it seems frustrating that your wife has had an ankle that refuses to mend, but it seems that your doctor is on about what the cause is. Being overweight and being a smoker both affect the immune system and suppress your body's healing ability so it's not only possible but it's likely that's why she has not been able to heal. I know you may hate to hear it, but she may need to lose weight or quit smoking or both to start healing. Keep us posted.