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I had surgery on my left little toe to remove a bunionette and correct a misaligned toe (deformed since birth). The surgery went well and I had no pain after the first day. After four weeks, the swelling significantly subsided in my foot so the special shoe was extremely loose. So I tightened the strap (don't do that) and consequently broke the bone in my foot where the screw is. Now, I have pain and walking is a problem. I am back on the crutches. I wondered how long it will take for this break to heal and when I can stop wearing the special shoe, and when I can drive again. I live in the UK so the left foot is used for brake and clutch, much more movement required than just pressing on the gas pedal. My doctor said it would heal and just left it at that, but I need to understand how it will heal and how long it takes as it was badly split on one side of the bone. The screw is still holding most of the bone together. Anyone know anything about the healing process for this type of problem post surgery? The doctor warned me it would probably break but didn't tell me now to tighten the shoe strap. He thought it would be from walking on it, but I was very careful about that and I know that was not the cause as the break is where the strap was and the other part of the bone where he cut off the bunion has healed just fine.


Hello, teresamc!  I am sorry to hear about your foot dilemma and having it fracture for the second time!  For the most part, a fracture usually takes about nine weeks to heal.  I am uncertain whether your foot is set well enough not but I presume everything is back in place?  I would think after 12 weeks from the second fracture, it should be healed up and you can drive again. You will probably need to wear the special shoe until then too. I wish I could give you better news.   I hope the pain subsides soon for you and that nothing else happens to impede the healing process!  Good luck to you!