I fell down cement steps, landed on my chin which resulted in a broken jaw bone in two places - chin and beside my left ear. Apparently it's difficult to break your jaw bone and n just one place as it rickashays, I know Ouch... Anyway, I say with embarrassment that I was drunk so when I don't really remember the fall! The next morning I thought I had just grazed my chin. I found it difficult yo chew but surprisingly still managed to. The next morning I noticed the left side of my face was beginning to swell, my ability to open my mouth without feeling a lot of pain was quite limited and my mouth was bleeding. In denial I took some painkillers and tried not to think about it. The following morning my left side of my face was very swollen and the pain had gotten worse. I went to Emergency, where after 12 hours waiting I was diagnosed with a broken jaw. You would think that was the difficult part over! If only... I had to have my jaw wired shut for 6 weeks, where I had to liquidize everything. I looked, sounded and felt ridiculous (I'm female so I think I felt worse that a male would). Anyway, I got through it and lost 14 pounds. My jaw healed well but the left side of my face is definitely shaped differently yo the right side. It's not very obvious but I notice it. Also, I have a slight lump left on my chin (built up scar tissue from the op). Apparently this will subside in time. The marl of my story is don't drink too much! Good luck with all the broken jaws out there!