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For a little while now the left side of my jaw has gotten stiff, I can still open my mouth pretty wide and have no trouble eating, but sometimes it hurts so much that i do not want to open my mouth. My wisdom teeth have grown out a little bit and recently these are the feelings i have been having.

Stiffness of the Jaw
Pressure in my ear, sometimes behind the ear and all the way up to my head on the left side.
I also have a tiny bit of swelling on the lower left side of my jaw where my other wisdom tooth has come in.

Can anyone give me advise on if it is my wisdom teeth or not that have been bothering me?


Well, it seems that you have problems with your wisdom tooth. Everything you are experiencing resembling that you have big teethes and small jaws and growth of the wisdom tooth is very uncomfortable and painful for you. I believe this is the reason because when my wisdom tooth was growing I had similar situation.  I even felt so tremendous pain that I was using painkillers but it wasn’t much of a help. After few sleepless nights I had decided to visit my dentist and I was asking him to cut my gums so my wisdom tooth can easily grow.

This was good decision because it had spared me of more pain and swollen jaws and now I believe my nightmare with wisdom tooth is over.