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i have been on the birth control pill, Yaz for 4months now, i take it everyday at the same time and have never missed a pill. i even have an alarm as a reminder to take it everyday.
the month before last (April)i wanted to skip my period so i didn't take the white pills i went directly to the next packet.(still taking the pink pills everyday at the same time)
last month (tues 3rd may) i lost my virginity, he didn't wear a condom but he pulled out before he ejaculated. i started on Trimethoprim medication for a UTI 6 days AFTER the sex,i experienced some spotting and a few days later there was red blood and i had cramps and its quite heavy like a period. my period wasnt due until the NEXT tuesday (the 17th)
is this just breakthrough bleeding from skipping my period the first time, or is this implantation bleeding?? could i be  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed*** pregnant?

Then i got my “period” (on the 16th) on the white pills. It was extremely heavy, and lasted about 2 days, (i was changing Super Tampons all day) I took two “first response” pregnancy tests the day i got this “period” they both were negative, then when my period stopped i took another one, it too was negative. Today, 3-4 weeks after the sex, i got my (qualitative) hcg blood result back and it was negative
I haven’t had many symptoms of pregnancy i think the symptoms i do have are from stress such as nausea and tiredness and i have had another UTI and sometimes feel a little nausea and my stomach feels a little off and strange. I’m stressing because i know you can get false negatives and some women still get heavy bleeding in pregnancy and they dont even know they're pregnant until like 5months! PLEASE someone help me, i am so stressed out about this. having a child is not an option for me, i would get an abortion but i'm worried i'll find out too late to get one. (In Australia it's 19.6 weeks for a surgical removal)
and dont lecture me about your views on abortion there are many reason i cannot have a child right now, some mental/ economic reasons and this experience has made me realize that sex is not for me until i am prepared for a child :/


a lot happens down there after losing your virginity but don't worry to much there is probably nothing to worry about if the beeding doesn't stop or has stopped and in the next few weeks you do again go get a pregnancy test and get checked out for sti's just to be on the safe side