So, my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex (yes, i know its not 100% effective) but we are as safe as possible with it. Well this month I was supposed to have my period on December 11th. I have a 30-31 day cycle, my periods are 6 to 7 days long. On the 11th, when I was supposed to start, instead, I got a brown thick discharge but it stopped as soon as the day ended. I waited and waited and still no period. On the 14th i went and got two pregnancy tests (to be extra sure), both came out negative. That same night i got a lighter red/brown discharge; that also stopped. Now, I have looked a couple possibilities up, such as old blood, and such, but none of them really describe what I am going through. I tried thinking of other causes: three weeks ago, while having intercourse my boyfriend hurt my cervix, and i got an intense pain and had to stop, it lasted for 10 minutes before subsiding; could this have anything to do with it? Also, last months period was on the 13th of November, pretty regular except there was this weird three extra days of light pink bleeding. Any ideas of what could be happening?