I'm 22. I've had irregular periods since I started. sometimes only once or twice a year. I nave cysts or tumors on my ovaries, I've had a misscarriage in the past. I have just started to get my cycle regulated and this month I didn't start. I did have sex around the time I was ovulating but only part of the time unprotected( no condom in the beginning of intercorse, but before ejaculation) I have should've started my period on the 2nd, today is the 14th. I have been having brown spotting, somem days my nipples are sore, I'm having bad pain in the right side of my neck, my lower left back is hurting , like dull achy and comes in waves. I have some pelvic pain and sometimes I have cramps . the spotting seems to be getting a bit worse. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, but they were negative. I figure if i'm pregnant, Im 3-4 weeks... (last time I got pregnant I didn't have a positive test for quite a while, I think I was over a month in. my hcg leveles never did rise very high at all and I lost it. I'm worried that I may be having another miscarriage... or and eptopic pregnancy.. anyone have any answeres for me?