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On Sunday 5/6 I started what I thought was a normal period ( minus it being a little early), regular bleeding lasted about 3 days and then it was the brown end of period blood for about 1 day then it stopped for 1 day and I started back barely spotting light pink blood just enough to get on my pantyliner. My left side was hurting but like if i had a kidney infection not like cramps.

 I went to the ER on Tuesday 5/15 because I was still spotting and noticed it was heavier when I lifted my residents ( I'm a CNA) as well as my left lower abdomen ( my "pouch" ) was slightly swollen and warm to the touch. I get back in the ER and they do a blood test, urine test and 2 ultrasounds ( vaginal and regular). They come back and tell me I'm pregnant and I have a cyst on my left ovary that is 5cm. My HCG level was 342 @ 7AM. They was unable to see the baby on the ultrasound but said that was fine because you cant really see anything until the HCG level reaches 1000. They told me to not work and go see my OBGYN, said my  cervix was closed and bleeding should stop soon. As far as pregnancy signs my breast were very SORE and I was more sleepy than usual. I went home and slept the day away. I noticed the bleeding had stopped ( or so I thought ... ) .

The next evening I started spotting again. I went back to the ER because I was scared. The ER took my HCG level again and said it was 385 @ 9pm. I was told it wasn't negative but at the same time not reassuring because it didn't double. The HCG level is supposed to double or at least go up 60% in 48-72 hours. Mine did not. I went back home and was told to rest with no activity.

On 5/17 I went to the OBGYN and he said I'm definitely pregnant but since I have had one previous miscarriage the outcome is not looking good. Said I had to have my HCG level checked on Sunday 5/20 and he did a exam which came out fine. He said if my HCG comes up then things may be brighter but if they get lower then miscarriage is lurking around the corner. I noticed when I was up and moving I would spot but if I stayed in bed and relaxed there was no spotting.

On Sunday 5/20 I went and got my HCG levels checked at noon nd they was 592. They went up , however, that was not nearly enough. I went to my OBGYN on 5/21 to see what he had to say and it was basically just that my HCG numbers was not what he wanted but he was glad it did go up. He said that by Thursday 5/24 my numbers should be at 1000 hopefully and I should be able to see the baby on the ultrasound. I go back at 3:30 on 5/24 for that.

Later on 5/21 my left side started doing the same thing that caused me to go to the er in the first place. It really is bothering me but I read online that caffeine, red meat, sugar and stress can iritate a cyst. So I'm pretty sure that is what is happening. I had a huge stressful situation on that afternoon after the OBGYN appointment. I have stayed calm today and  had no red meat, sugar or caffeine %-) but noticed it is going away a little. I'm still spotting when I move around a lot ...

 I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about what is going on with my HCG level my pregnancy o the crazy cyst. Why am I spotting like this ? Will I likely carry the baby to full term? Any info is greatly appreciated !

 Thank you !! 


What is going on now? Did you have a miscarriage or was all that caused by the cyst?