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I am about six weeks pregnant and for the last two days I have been lightly spotting with cramping- not severe- in uterus and lower back (I have had period-like cramps for almost the entire pregnancy). I had implantation bleeding, so this isn't that. I had a pap smear four days ago. Could the spotting still be due to that? Or is it possible that I am having a miscarriage? Or am I worring for no reason? Please help me keep my sanity!


I am also 6 weeks pregnant and having the same thing you are talking about, slight cramping and spot that is very light (it is a light tan and then will go back to nothing and so on). If you haven't already I would advise to go to the doctor just to make sure and for some peace of mind.

Here is what happened at my doctors appointment: They took an hCG test (mine read at 7,000), gave me the Rh negative shot (if you and your husband are different blood types - for example my husband has a positive blood type and I am a negative), and they gave me an ultra sound to make sure it isn't an eptopic pregnancy (which they really couldn't read a lot from it because I am so early but that there was a sac). Now I have an appointment for two days from today to check the hCGs again and if they are rising I am ok, but if they are falling it is probably a miscarriage.

Trust me I understand about how worried you are, the nights are hard but what has helped me is spotting and bleed happens to 1 out of every 3 pregnancy's.

Good Luck, I hope the best for your pregnancy.