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Hello, I am 28 years old I have had a regular cylcle since my period began at the age of 10. I have had two pregnancies and the most abnormal period i have had until now has been get 2 days early. So I got very concerned when I got this brown like discharge. Then the next day was brown and a dark bloody flow, but very like in quatity. I am concerned because my mother had at the age of thirty two a hystroectomy due to ovarian cancer. I have been informed I do have fabroids but they were small. As a heavy expresso drinker I fear I worsen my case. I also have lost thirty five pounds in three months with a doctor but i had a normal cycle last month with this weight loss and diet. I do not take birthcontrol pills either.


First of all, many women experience some brown vaginal discharge before their periods. Now, considering you haven’t had it before, this could be something transient and trivial whose cause cannot be established.
Doctors usually suggest waiting for three cycles to see if the same thing happens and then make an appointment.

Depending on when your fibroids were found, they could have grown by now. Fibroids have a history of causing all sorts of bleeding troubles like bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex, causing swelling of the lower abdomen, etc

Considering you have a family history of genital tract cancer, I reckon you should have regular yearly gyn exams, so that you could act appropriately if something goes wrong.

Fibroids do become the most bothersome during childbearing age. You could wait for your next cycle and see if the same thing happens again and then see your gyn. Good luck!