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Hi, I have the following symptoms for more then a couple of years.

-Burning in the penis
-Burning during urination
-Sometimes burning during ejaculation
-Frequent urination and problems urinating . . . feels like there is a blockage at the tip of the penis. Also, when I push hard my rectum starts burning.
- dribbling during urination and when I stop and start peeing again it splashes sideways.
- Pain in the tip of the penis. I have stomach problems (IBS) and I have this burning sensation in my abdominal as well. Can it be related?.
- Usually when I drink it gets worse.

Please let me know what it could be and how it can be treated.


the symptoms you have described sound like an std dude.... you say you've had this 4 years?? what...? u dont like your doctor? my guess would probably be a bacterial std which "is" curable but left untreated for long periods of time... let's just say its not good... Go "now" not tomorow, not the day after, Now.


Sounds kind of like chlamydia. it's not a fun experience and it is an STD but it is curable