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About a week ago i had burning urination and the tip of my penis was slightly enflamed. this all stopped but now i have a clear liquid that smells like chicken noodle soup. im pretty sure this liquid only appears when i have an erection. also i have had dry skin near the top of the shaft. today little bumps that kindof look like very small whiteheads appeared on the base of the head of my penis.

i have a girlfriend who so far as i know has no symptoms at all.
both of us have had yeast infections which i believe were caused by her house which is infested with mold.

i would like to have a rough guess of what this is and how it is cureable.



Well, on the yeast infection front-- yeast infections are a fungal infection caused by a pH imbalance in the vagina. If she had it, then you are able to get it. Most guys do not get yeast infections on their own accord from environmental factors. Make sure if she notices that she has a yeast infection-- and its very hard NOT to know-- that she tells you so that after you have sex you can shower and help to prevent the yeast infection from spreading to you. I would also say that if she does have a yeast infection that you should abstain from sex until it subsides just to be safe. My guess is that you might have gotten another yeast infection from your girlfriend. White bumps etc usually are associated with that or std's rarely. If it continues I'd head towards the doctor and ask your girlfriend to get an over the counter pH test to see if she has a yeast infection, or one on the way. If it is a yeast infection some of the cream used to help heal the yeast infection inflammation may help. If it continues and she doesn't have a yeast infection I would go get an STD panel done just to be safe. Good Luck!