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i just had a problem i'm uncircumsized and i am sexually active. i just pulled back my foreskin and it was red and soar. then my head had a redness and some white discharge between the foreskin and the head. is there any suggestion on what it can be and what i can use to heal it. is it maybe from bad hygiene.


Obviously a delayed response here, but just in case anybody else is looking for the answer: It could be chlamydia, or ghonorrea, or an advanced form of thrush (a yeast infection). I've had chlamydia though and that sounds pretty familiar. Unless by 'discharge' you're referring to a thick paste that peels off your penis when rubbed. That's called smegma, and is probably just an issue of hygiene. Uncircumsized guys produce it too, but for them it just rubs off on their boxers or is washed off more easily in the shower. You've got to keep yourself clean under there if you're not circumsized. If not for yourself, for your lady friends who otherwise won't want to get too close ;-)

Chlamydia and ghonorrea are STDs but are treatable with antibiotics. Go see a doctor, and wear a condom, especially until you're finished with treatment. I had to learn the hard way too. Thrush is treatable with anti-fungal cream or a tablet, also requiring a trip to the doctor.