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Hi, today after i took a bath, a few hours later i went to the bathroom and i noticed that the foreskin around the tip of the head of my penis was red and badly swollen. It did not hurt, unless of course if i press it. Then, i pulled my foreskin down and then i noticed at the lower ends at the back of my penis that there was some white fluid building up. i have not masturbated since like a week ago and have not had problems. I tried using (on the foreskin) just a little Voltaren (anti-inflammatory/pain gel) but then it hurt like hell! I think this may be an infection?. I suspect the towel was not so clean when i cleaned the tip of my head/foreskin. Any help will be appreciated. %-)


A red and swollen penis tip could be balanitis, a condition that affects uncircumcised men.  The foreskin becomes inflamed, the swelling ofen not allowing one to pull back the skin.  Redness can also be attributed to dermatitis, rough sex, or a fungal infection.  While proper hygiene is essential for optimal penile health, Vitamins A, C, and E can help heal, moisturize, and protect the penis from redness and irritation.  Gently massaging a penis cream or moisturizer (many experts tout Man 1 Man Oil) that contains natural nutrients may help reduce irritation and swelling.  It worked for some of my buddies! Hope you find some relief.