First sorry for my bad English its not my native language.

On 27 February this year - I couldn't sleep - my penis started itching, after a few hours I got out of bed (15:15) and washed with soap and warm water. Especially the itching was in the frenolum area.

But after several hours (23 PM) the itching begun to really worry me as it started burning. At this point my foreskin was red and swollen. I couldn't sleep until Sunday - 7 Am. At 7 am i fell asleep out of exhaustion. But I woke up again at 11 AM - then I washed it again - and applied Dr. Pavlovich Cream. Then I went back to bed - and slept until 19 oclock. I woke up and the foreskin was even more swollen, the burning sensation worse. I watched TV in an attempt not to think about the pain. At 3 AM - Monday - i washed again but this time i found it harder to pull my foreskin back - because my frenolum really ached. The cream that was applied yesterday was all over my penis's head, and I found it hard to peel it off. Also the head was very red now and the foreskin the same.

I am 18 years old, and I am a virgin so STDs is not possible.

Any help and advices are appreciated.