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I'm glad I found this forum. I'm in my early 40s. I had a car accident in June of this year; more precisely, I was traveling on the main road and was hit head on by a person who didn't see the stop sign, crashed into my car, totalled it and me, it seems. Both airbags were deployed, my car was hit with such force, when I got out of it, in shock, it was spun in the opposite direction. I was taken via ambulance to the local (and worst) hospital in the area. They did x-rays, that's it. My PCP gave me medication and told me I'd be fine in a few months. Since I had no car, I went to the local rinky dink PT, where no MRI was even suggested, no tests (range of motion, etc.) were given. Just play with the yoga ball and smile. I was getting worse. I have now, after all this time, just recently had an MRI. I saw the picture. It's etched into my brain for life. The professional PT did a wide range of tests and continues to work diligently with me. I started trigger point injections last week, so can't really speak to them working yet. They did not hurt at all, btw. I was given Lidocaine. This week, I have a consultation for lower back injections. My wrist gets pins and needles. These symptoms were dismissed previously. Now I know what they are. I am also in PT and in the proper care of a competent spine doc. However, I have not had a lower back MRI as of yet. My MRI results: My cervical spine shows at C3-C4, central disc bulge; C5-C6, right paracentral disc protrusion deforms the spinal cord without compression. Right uncovertebral osteophyte results in moderate to severe left foraminal stenosis. C-7-T1, no significant central canal or foraminal stenosis. In the Conclusion Section, it states, among other things, "moderate to severe foraminal stenosis from C4-C-5 to C-7." Meanwhile, I'm on Amazon looking for the perfect yoga mat. My boyfriend just abandoned me and I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I vacillate between ridiculous optimism (meanwhile, I still need to get the above translated) and bitterness and despair. Good times What I'm saying, I guess; I could use some camaraderie. Any help is much appreciated. I'll give it when I can. I wish I had a better intro, folks-but that's where it's at. Best to you all. Thanks for taking time out to read this.


Hi! Can't you poot here MRI and X-rays?  And explayn here more precisely, where it hurts and what you feel now?

 Sincerely, Maksim_A trauma-otroped.