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Soo , me &`. my boyfriend ran out of condoms about a week ago , and my doctors appointment to talk about the pill was about 2 days after , and the pharmacy was closed , and we were really turned on. So we decided to do withdrawal ,. Only now I'm on the pill , and he's starting to bug me. I've always been in tune with my body , I got cramps about a week before my period , and now I'm scared. I've been tired as hell , my boob hurt like someone punched 'em 100x each, I'm getting slight cramps in my uterus, and I'm craving random foods {I'm currently craving chicken fries, KD, Frosted Flakes, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The last one is weird, I hate any type of oatmeal cookies} and the smell of certain foods make me want to throw up. Even weirder - don't judge- is I want to throw up when I see blood , even when it's just a movie. Which is weird , I used to looooove watching Saw, I even worshiped John Kramer {Not literally}. 
Could I actually be pregnant or no ?. ._.


Hi Can,

You need to wait at least 2, preferably 3, weeks after having sex for the tests to be reliable.  When you do test, use your first morning - wakeup - urine for best accuracy.  It's more concentrated.

Your other symptoms aren't specific to pregnancy.  It's early for cravings, etc.  Not impossible, just can't say for sure.

Good luck.