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Do any of you have diabetes and eating disorders? I seen to have a real problem with this. Is it possible to recover from this. It seems like there are times when I eat everything in site and other times when I starve myself. When I eat everything in site, I crave even more food. Is there a way to stop this and recover from overeating? I don't really worry about not eating enough as I'm overweight to begin with and need to lose weight. Has anyone had this problem and been able to recover from it? If so, what did you do. I'm thinking about going to a dietitian to get help, but I don't know if I can afford that. Help, please!



I know that eating disorders often come with diabetes and I have struggled with it myself. The fact is it takes a lot of discipline and of course the right diet. If you are on insulin, I'm sure your doctor has given you information about what to eat.


When you eat a meal or snack, take a look at the ingredients and how much sugar, protein, fat etc. is there and write it down in a diary/calender. If you eat the proper foods, craving for food should subside. This may take a while but I know it worked for me. As I teach biology coursework, I have my students do a diet analysis as one of their projects. They have to write down everything they eat for one week. I mean everything (pat of butter, water, salt, French fries, everything). I have a program where they enter in all those foods and the program comes back and gives them information on vitamins, minerals, sugar, protein, antioxidants etc. so they can see where they are deficient and where they have too much. From this, I can help them correct their eating habits. Most of my students find this helpful and immediately change their habits. No crackers/cookies from the vending machine or sodas. They begin eating whole fruits and veggies and keep regular eating times. Later on if they want to do another diet analysis, I have them do it to see what changes have occurred. It's amazing. Not only do my students feel better but they learn very quickly how much money they have wasted on vending machine foods. You might want to try this before you invest in a dietitian. Concentrate your efforts on diabetic foods and small portions. Make sure to eat at the same time each day if you can. This is very important. You'll have to make a concentrated effort but I think you will find it well worth it. Good Luck!