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Is there any chance I might still be pregnant?

The facts:
My last period was on July 1st, 2006. I had sex on July 18th and 19th. My cycles are normally 28-30 days. Then on July 26th a weird period came on for about 4 days, nothing like my real ones. It would go from heavy to light, and the very first day it took almost forever to get starting because it was so light. I didn't think anything of it until I started to get symptoms a week later in the beginning of August. My boobs were more round and I could tell they grew a little and were extremelly tender and certain parts of the day. And even had a weird feeling in them at night. Other symptoms were no appetite, stomach started to take a different shape and more hard. So I decided to take a hpt, but they came out negative. They were digitals and I've heard mixed opinions on them, so I went and got a blood test done on August 18th. The day before my mom called to get the results I almost fainted in the shower because I got really dizzy and then got extremelly nautious. Then I got the results(July 25th) and the blood test turned out to be a negative as well. And now today July 26th I have these crampy feelings but still no period. I always know when I'm about to start because I feel a certain way, but this is different cramping feelings I don't really know how to explain that.

Is there still a possibility that I am? (sorry that it's so long I just wanted to make sure I said everything lol) I'm a teenager and I've heard that for some girls it takes awhile longer for the hormone to show up, but I just don't know. Also when I was in the hospital to get my blood drawn I heard two of the nurses asking about who's bottle was who's and what test it was for. I'm also nervous about that. I'm just getting frustrated because I have all of these symptoms and I'm getting bigger around the stomach area and a little lower it's more puffed out and hard.

I got back to the doctor on July 29th. She's suppost to talk to me about my results and if I'm not I was suppost to go on birth control. But I don't feel safe doing that because I just have this feeling about everything. I wouldn't know what to tell her :/


Allright, I did read everything, and I am going to give you some advice :-D

BLOOD PREGNANCY tests are the MOST ACCURATE test you could ever get! They will test SO early, that fi you got a negative when you did, IT IS NEGATIVE.

YOU ARE most likely not prregnant! YOU ned to understand that as you grow older, you will have worse PMS and period symptoms..YOUR breasts will swell MORE, YOUR cramps will probably get a bit worse, and you may notice other changes..

BLOOD TESTS do not lie!!

IF YOU are pregnant HCG hormone WOULD HAVE TO BE a certain LEVEL, or else you would miscarry/NOT be pregnant anymore..

YOU are most liekly NOT pregnant.... BIRTH CONTROL does nothing to a pregnancy BTW...


I disagree with the last comment...i took 11 home pregnancy test, took a urine sample at the doctors took 2 blood test for them all to say negative. now i am 8 months pregnant!!!
some people have little if not hardly any HCG hormone.....
so u just have to wait a few more weeks then take another test and if its negative you need to consult with your doctor and then they can put your mind at rest by maybe offering a scan....


I have also almot the same as you did I have irregular periods and I have not had my period for 3 months now. And when I thought I was getting my period it was just a dark brown smear and that was it . I have taken 3 preg tests and all negative and I also went to the dr and neg as well. My breasts hurt and tingle. my lower abdomen is hard andswollen I have headaches my back hurts, I have nausea but no vomitting I have food craving. so I think that I am but the tests say no. I go for an ultrasound on the 17 of feb. I am so worried I want to be pregnant but why do the tests  say no.