I am a 28 y/o happy young lady and for the past 2 months my boyfriend and i have been trying to get pregnant .. So i have a couple of questions for you.
Ok so i worked out via the ovulation calculator that i will be ovulating between the 7- 10th of July (as i can't really pin point when i ovulate) with the 10th being my most fertile day. So my b/f and i had sex every day from 5/7 until the 10/7 sometimes twice a day.
Now as of the 13th i have started to get sick. Started with a sore throat and runny nose and has now graduated to a cough and constant runny nose. So my question to you guys is i know flu like symptoms are a sign of pregnancy but i honestly really just think i have a cold so is it easier to get pregnant when you're sick, or harder? And then if i wanted to take something for it, with out hurting what "could be" in my belly, what could i take?
Also when i was younger i had an abortion. My mum has said once you get pregnant once, it's really easy to get pregnant again. So is this true? Or will it be harder for me to concieve because i have previously had an abortion?
I am due for AF on the 24th and am very excited to see what the outcome is so send me some baby dust ladies.. I need all the help i can get..