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Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex in September 29 on a Wednesday. She takes daily birth control pills, but the day we had sex she had mistakenly taken an Advil pill instead. Though most of the semen came while my penis was out, a very small amount had come out near her opening while pulling out. The day after she took 2 birth controllers and told me about it on Friday the 1st of October. We both got nervous but the day we had intercourse was shortly after her period had stopped and she tells me that chances are low because of her systems not fully fertile yet or something like that. We agreed to wait a week for her period and if it didn't happen, she'd take a pregnancy test. it's now Tuesday the 5th and she told me she started bleeding but her period shouldn't be starting at this time. She said it "felt weird, like pure water but was red."

help please?... :'(


ALSO: my girlfriend has experienced pregnancy with a previous boyfriend before and has had an abortion. however, when pregnant with his seed, she hadn't been on daily birth control pills OR experienced the light bleeding. we're guessing that this light bleeding she now experiences is due to her 1 day of a missed pill but we aren't sure. HELP PLEASE.