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Hey, i came on my period early october of 2012 i had sex with my boyfriend ( unprotected) and ex ( protected) i came on my period in early novermber then i has sexual intercourse with my boyfriend unprotected on nov 20 2012 i had missed my period in dec and jan so when i went to my doctors appointment and took the ultasound they said i was 16 weeks and i conceived around nov 3-7. My question is could it b my boyfriends because we had sex in october unprotected


Hi Karen,

If you had a "normal" period in early November, like all your others, then it is unlikely you were pregnant then.

The ultrasound date is ONLY an approximation and usually based partly upon your LMP.  If you conceived around November 3-7, you would have had your period start late in October, around October 23.  You don't ovulate until 11-16 days into your cycle.  Day 1 is when your period starts.

When exactly were your periods?

Hope it helps.