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Ok, my and my girlfriend were having sex about 4-9 days after her period ended. On one of those days I came inside of her but I was using a condom. I took it off, tied it and threw it away. I then went on to fingering her. I was wondering, because i touched the condom and my penis after cuming, is there a chance that sperm got on my hand and that she is pregnant from fingering her?


No, it would ne incredibly unlikely for her to get pregnant like that!

AND IT IS EXCELLENT that you used a condom :-D cheers for safe sex!!

You did the right thing in using a condom, and as long as it did not break, she was protected.

BUT in case you would like some added info... IF a condom breaks THE MORNING AFTER PILL can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex! The easiest way to get it is thorugh Planned Parenthood, because you can call, then walk in and get it. No parental consent needed. =)