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Me and my girlfriend were having sex about 10-12 days after her period ended and while having sex I came inside of her, but I was using a condom. After cuming however, she wanted me to put my unprotected penis inside of her just so that she could feel it. Knowing that I just came, I grabbed a nearby water bottle, rinsed off my penis and dried it with a clean shirt. I then put my penis inside of her for about 3-4 minutes. I was wondering that if because after cuming I only washed my penis with water and dried it, could there a chance that she could get pregnant from sperm left on my penis? Also, although I doubt any precum escaped, I was wondering what is the chance of her getting pregnant from precum or prostate fluid if it leaks out.


depending on when her period started will help you determine. You said you had unprotected sex 10 - 12 days after her period. Ovulation happens around 14 days after the FIRST day of one's period.
Unprotected sex around this time, I'm sorry to tell you, could potentially cause pregnancy. Talk to her and figure out what you want to do. She can take a morning after pill up to 72 hours after sex if you both are worried. And it sounds as though you aren't ready for pregnancy so take care of that now. She can ask her doctor for the Morning After Pill or I believe you can get these at the drugstore now if you talk to the pharmacist.

Next time use a condom or have her speak with her doctor about oral contraceptives.