So I'm 19 years old and so is my girlfriend. She is on a birth control called sprintec 28 day and she had been on it for about 7 or 8 months now. She has been on this pill for the regulation of her cycle since she wasn't getting her periods at all. But since she started she has been pretty regular. So about a month ago during the week she forgot to take a couple of her pills. And I think that we had unprotected sex that same week. Although I pulled out and did not ejaculate inside if her which is a regular practice for me. So about a month later or a few weeks later she had her period ONE day early although it lasted the normal 3-4 days it was a lighter period with darker blood like dark red, and or brown and it lasted the entirety of the period. But she told me that while she was experiencing dark blood she also had moments when she was experiencing normal flow and normal color. She said it was light like spotting but there were times when the flow was a little more constant. So I assumed it was a weird period. Well last night we had sex and she is supposed to have her period within the next few days but while we were having sex she acted like it was hurting her and it felt tighter than usual. So I'm not sure if these two instances are interconnected or if they are not or if she's pregnant or something. What do you think?