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Hi. My friend was in coma, and now he is sleeping the whole time and he cant wake up, im really worried. He is breathing all by himself he doesnt have any medical support, please tell me what is wrong with him. Thank you


Hello! You never reported if your friend was released from the hospital or not and if he wakes up from time to time or he needs extra stimulation to be awaken.
If he can’t wake it, the condition is called hypersomnia and is very close to the state of coma. Doctor would need to do more research and analysis to make diagnosis. Have you heard from his doctors and do you have any additional information?

A systematic approach is needed in cases like this. You never said what occurred before he entered coma. Most of the time, the cause of unconsciousness is not immediately evident. The good thing is that he is breathing, now his blood pressure and pulse need to be checked as well as ECG performed to see if cardiac function is adequate.
He will probably have a test for hypoglycemia because this disorder could cause neuronal death. He will undergo all the necessary physical and neurological tests if he hasn’t already to see what is going on.

All other answers you need to ask from his doctors/nurses so that they could give you information about his present state.