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Hi all, Can anyone tell me when does a hypo become dangerous? I seem to have many hypos but they are mild but I'm wondering if even the mild ones will build up after while. So far I haven't had anything severe but I do get a few symptoms from time to time, like having a racing heart, feeling shaky and sweating but they are mild and stay around for a short time. I make sure I eat something or have some fruit juice. Okay, so I'm curious as to when low blood sugar becomes dangerous. I'd appreciate anything you can tell me. Thanks.


Hey, Hypoglycemia turns out to be the most common problem associated with taking insulin. Keep in mind that hypoglycemia is when your blood glucose levels go below 70 mg/dL. If you have fairly low blood sugar levels you will experience some very unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms include nervousness as shaking, a pounding heart and profuse sweating. Hypoglycemia often occurs with too much diabetes medication, not enough food and/or increased activity. Hypoglycemia can also occur with drinking too much alcohol. Hypoglycemia can quickly be remedied such that it is no cause for alarm it simply is inconvenient. However, if left unchecked and it becomes severe, this can cause mental confusion, serious behavioral problems, unconsciousness or even seizures. If you have severe hypoglycemia that means that you're not able to take care of your diabetes condition on your own. This is when hypoglycemia becomes dangerous. Severe hypoglycemia is rarely fatal so what is dangerous about it is what could happen when you extreme low blood sugar. Consider that you might be driving and have a car accident. If you are walking down some stairs, you could pass out and fall to the bottom. So, you need to be careful with your hypos and try to avoid them as much as possible.