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The other morning I woke up and my tummy wasnt right, felt a bit nauseaus. Had a bit of diarrhoea and then felt faint and nauseaus - perspired a lot. Felt like fainting but never actually blacked out , felt very nauseaus but could not get sick. Finally got to my bed and called for help. Could not lift my arms to help myself - had no control over arms at all. Was given some sugar water with assistance. My fingers had pins and needles and kept moving on their own. My thumbs kept pulling in towards my palms (spasm like) No hyperventilating or pain at all. Has anyone else had this before?


Hello, Guest.  How old are you?  I can't tell what you have because of you didn't give enough information about your age and if you have diabetes, or other diagnosis that would influence your symptoms.  You may have had hypoglycemia.  Have you had your blood glucose levels checked at all?  Your doctor can do this with a blood test.  You may have to do a fasting blood test to find out if you are diabetic.  You should do this as soon as possible as you don't want to experience hypoglycemia and end up in a coma-like state. 

Has anyone else had these symptoms and if so, what did you find out it was?