Is it normal to see your heartbeat through your chest?? I'm a 24 years old boy and I can see my heartbeat through my left chest and belly and if I walk up and down a staircase a few times I can hear it and little bit i feel shortness of breath. it occurs only if i am resting for a minute. i don't feel anything when i walk. If I put an object on my stomach I can see it moving with every heart beat. Something that I've noticed for the past year or so is that normal. i am also feeling pain in my left chest, above stomach, sometimes it feel like a sharp knife is rolling on my chest or stabbing feeling. sometimes i feel sharp pain in my chest. sometimes it rolls from chest to left shoulder and sometimes it remains for 15 minute and more. sometimes it comes for 1sec also but it feel more severe when it comes for 1sec. i had all test regarding cardiovascular. i have noticed for the past years. i went to doctor and they did blood test, ECG, Blood pressure, Urine Test, X-Ray. 1. X-Ray report was normal. 2. ECG was normal. but BPM was 108bpm. Sinus tachycardia . 3. Urine test was normal. 4. Blood Test, actually it was lipid test. Total Cholestrol-206mg/dl, Triglyceride- 302mg/dl, HDL-46.2, LDL-99.42, VLDL-60.38 5. Blood pressure was 160/110. They did blood pressure test for 6days- almost 5times it shows 160/110, and one time it was 140/90 My family don't have any cardio problem. but my uncle had cardio problem and he died at age of 64years, following heart attack. as per report they told me that you have High blood pressure and high cholesterol. and they gave me Tonact ASP for 8months. but still i have noticed same. few months ago i feel dizziness without anything it was just a surprise. but it occurs only whenever i am inactive, if i am walking or running thn never feel any pain or anything even shortness of breath. i never had this feeling ever before. now a days i have red blood spot in my eyes. is it normal? Why is this happening? Is it normal???