Hi, I am 27 years old male. I used to drink a lot and smoke also. I had a feeling of chest congestion, fullness , pain in thumb and first finger and ocassionally dissiness. I was so afraid. I went to doctor for first time, he checked everything , he did blood work, urine test, chest x ray, ECG and Ultrasound. But did not find anything rather than a slight problem with liver (not major). So , she told me to cut down alcohal and walk daily for half or an hour. But on 2nd Oct, i drink too much alcohal and next day i was fine as it was off day. So the other day when i went to work, i started to feel faint dizzy(feeling like i am about to fall) and sharp chest pain which is for a second comes and goes. My friend took me to ER, they ran the same tests again, except, they gave me white liquid before x ray. He wrote me pantoprazole 40mg. But i am just worried because it can be a heart disease also, as i feel dizziness and pressure in my left arm when i use it for work and sometine pain in fingers. My chest pain feels like a pinch for sec for sometimes and also stays for long sometimes . Please help