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I woke up this morning feeling a bit ill

I noticed the skin on my chest and front of my shoulders was feeling cold, and then my whole body started feeling cold

I was feeling really dizzy and uncomfortable, and I was panicking about it

I also got tingling sensations in both hands and my stomach started feeling like I needed to go to the toilet

These symptoms lasted a few hours, I tried going back to sleep but every time I was just drifting off I had a horrible feeling like I was losing conciousness and I started feeling even dizzier

I have had stress tests and ecg's in the past, but do you think these symptoms could be cardio or vascular related?


Hi Jools,

This is a bit out of my domain but since its late and I'm the only one on I thought I'd check a few things for you.

Have you been down the NHS direct website? I answered a couple of questions for you, you'll want to check them:

Hopefully that link works.

Are you experiencing either of the following:

* pain in the middle of your chest (this could feel like a dull ache, or heavy, tight or crushing), or
* pain that is spreading from your chest to your upper back, neck, shoulder blades, arm, or jaw?

From your post, it sounded like a no.

Are you having any other type of chest pain plus any of the following:

* shortness of breath,
* sweating,
* nausea (feeling sick),
* dizziness or light-headedness, or
* cold, clammy skin?

You mentioned your skin feeling cold and dizziness so pressed yes.

And the result was that you should call 999 for an ambulance. You should check over the questions first though. If you want some more advice I would recommend you call the NHS helpline on 0845 4647.


Just realised your original post was yesterday. How have you felt today?


felt a bit better today

the symptoms lasted an hour or so yesterday

i have had a few cardio tests in the past like stress test, ecg, holter monitor, and an echo cardiogram

they didn't really find anything unusual but i still get these symptoms and they worry me


felt not too bad today but I'm so sick of thse symptoms

i have had really dizzy episodes in the past that have left me feeling il for 3 or 4 days

i have had a few cardio tests like stress test, ecg, holter monitor and echo cardiogram which didn't show anything abnormal but i still get these symptoms a fair bit


Hi again, Jools.

From the bit of searching around I've done it does appear to be a cardio related and I'd suggest another trip to your GP. Its not worth taking chances with these things.

But as I said, this is a bit out of my field of knowledge. I'll see if I can find someone else pass by and offer some more helpful advice.


the doc says i've had every cardio test done that i can have, so not sure what more i can do