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Wow. I've been pretty much in the same boat. I'm 28 now and never had a problem in my life until two years ago. It all stemmed from working night shift 6 days a week which caused me not to sleep much. I'm usually stress free but I guess the lack of sleep made me stress about the most insignificant things. After a while came the high anxiety and heart palpitations. Instead of going to the hospital, my stubborn-self decided to just smoke(1-2 pack a day) and drink with my friends (just about every day) which caused me to even get less sleep(averaging 2hrs a day).

These palpitations, chest pain,rapid heartbeat,high anxiety, shortness of breath,etc got so bad that it happened all day(as soon as I woke up until I went to sleep) for over a year. It happened non-stop while sitting around watching tv, going out to dinner or a movie, having a conversation with family and friends, even doing one of the things I loved most, playing video games lol. I always swore I would drop dead at anytime, but I was so strong-minded that I pretended nothing was wrong so no one ever noticed.

After about 1 1/2 years I decided to just go to the hospital because this problem started consuming every thought in my mind and was tired of it. I told myself, "I haven't dropped dead yet so I might as well go to the hospital and find out how much time I have left to live". I went to the hospital, had a few tests done, even ran on a treadmill with some wires stuck all over my chest (it was a bit fun). End result? My heart was above average. ????lol??? I told the doctor I knew he had lied to me just to make me feel better, He just laughed. In the end, they just diagnosed me with emotional distress and gave me a few xanax and a massive payment bill. Not worth it even for the little fun I had.

Anyways,to get to the Moral of my story, If I went through this for 2 years (which I think is as extreme as it could get) and still ended up having a heart that is above average, chances are u don't have anything to worry about.


That is weird your story sounds exactly like mine. I'm 20 yrs old, and I get fast/throbbing heartbeats and palpitations 24/7... and I don't get any sleep either because of it. My anxiety level has gotten worse too and I've been getting excessive panic attacks. My heart would start racing randomly, even when I'm just sitting watching tv, or even playing a video game too. There was one time I was actually submitted to the ER by paramedics because of my heart rate (it was ranging from 69 to 149 in seconds) and the paramedics and nurses told me I have an irregular heart beat, and was having palpitations. I was in the ER for about 7 hours and had to take 1 mg of ativain twice just to get my heart rate at a normal pace. They did a million tests on me to make sure my heart was normal (EKG tests) and said it came back negative, so I guess that was good. The doctor ended up telling me the same thing basically... that I probably suffer from stress and anxiety. I do find that drinking does help a little bit, but I don't want to turn that into a habit. 8-|