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I had been in excruciating pain since Nov 08 - eventually I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia, I am due my first set of botox injcetions in June 09.
Up until a week ago my condition was unbearable, I was unable to walk, talk or eat I was in so much pain and taking so many painkillers which to be fair werent helping a great deal.
Against doctors advice I stopped all my painkillers one day, I no longer feel sick from the tablets and my pain seems to be controlling itself - although I will still be glad once I get the injections as the pain is still there a bit.
I find that stress aggrevates the condition a great deal, and after 5 weeks away from work I'm a lot calmer (who knows what it will be like when I go back).
Anyways, it gives me hope that I will be able to get pregnant as I'm coping without the painkillers, the neurologist says I cant get the injections whilst pregnant so I will stop them when I have a positive test. A few weeks ago I was distraught at the fact I might never become a mum, adn now I'm feeling a lot more positive. If any of you are in the same situation, please take some hope from my story.


I'm sorry to hear that you were in a great deal of pain but I'm glad that you were able to come to a solution to your problems. In fact, I'm glad to hear that the pain is manageable--that's a huge deal! I think that your story can be inspiring for others who have this issue. I think it's also important that if anyone else wants to attempt this to make sure to get medical support though, just in case anything goes wrong or if there's complications. Thank you for posting though!